What we offer:

  • 8 week mindfulness courses

  • 1:1 mindfulness work

  • Child, young people and family therapy clinic

  • Mindful Parenting Training

  • Resources for a more mindful family life!


Dr Sarah Maynard




Thank you very much for all your support and time!

Sarah has been patient, supportive, encouraging, positive, non-judging and accepting. Her calming voice has been especially helpful!

The teacher has been inspiring and I have been shown tools I had all along but didn’t know it

I have found this course really useful. I have made space to use the practices and ideas in my daily life and have felt a benefit

Have a read below for some of the different benefits of mindfulness


Mindfulness has been shown to decrease levels of stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression. Not only can practicing it reduce these negative aspects it has been shown to increase our levels of resilience and positive emotions


The benefits of practicing mindfulness have also extended beyond our emotions to our physical health. Research has shown it to be linked with lower levels of chronic disease and inflammation and increased immune system functioning.


Our brains benefit from mindfulness too! Research shows that many areas of cognitive function improve with regular mindfulness practice particularly our frontal lobe abilities including memory, attention, concentration and our ability to inhibit impulses


Our western society focuses on us as individuals and this can leave us with a sense of disconnection from those around us. Through mindful practice we gain awareness of our interconnectedness and relationships and sense of closeness to others.

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