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We are always talking about endings; a job ending, a relationship ending, the summer ending, that sometimes we miss the chance to see how many new beginnings we have as well. New beginnings can come as big life changing events like a new home or a new child, but they can also come in the form of small, subtle, everyday events; a new morning, a new sunrise, new email, new street we walk down, even a new breath. When we see each in-breath as a new beginning and an opportunity to begin again, we start to open ourselves to the rich world of endless possibilities and the newness of each and every moment.

During the tough times I find it helpful to remind myself that new beginnings and change are an inevitable part of life: nothing can stay the same forever. Trying to stop things changing around us would be like trying to cling to the out-breath and resist the dawn of the in-breath.

Just as Anaïs Nin once said
“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

Fear and insecurity can be a normal such a big part of new beginnings, at least for the big stuff anyway. I often think of things in terms of energy, and the times when we’re leaping into something new and our minds are going crazy with the ‘what if’s’ of the unknown, is a time when there’s plenty of energy! Next time you’re feeling like this try tuning into this feeling and energy as excited energy and see what happens.

So the cliché normally goes – ‘you can’t have an ending without a new beginning’. And this makes sense. But you can’t have a new beginning without actually beginning (if this makes any sense!). You have to begin. Take your fear, uncertainties and predictions with you and Begin. Start. Unfold. Flourish. When we take this kind of attitude to new beginnings, we realise that they can flow naturally. As easy as breathing. ◊

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