Why learn mindfulness in the workplace?

With its rapid growth over recent decades, mindfulness has been applied, successfully to many different areas and settings. One area which continues to see high growth is mindfulness in the workplace. We spend such as large proportion of our lives at work and we know these environments can be stressful and unhappy for many of us.

Research shows thats there can be a number of potential benefits of introducing mindfulness in the workplace such as:

  • Increasing workers wellbeing and resilience, while decrease burnout and absenteeism
  • Enhanced working relationships which can help support more productive teamwork
  • As well as an effect on performance, including leadership, decision-making, organisational transformation, and creativity and innovation.

Introducing mindfulness in a work setting can be done very flexibly in a number of ways. We can traditional 8 week programmes, lead one-off workshops, or work with staff members individually to deliver this teaching.

If you think your workplace would like to learn the benefits of mindfulness please get in touch! We are happy to meet with you to discuss what format would work best within your setting. 


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